George Mitges

George's management experience includes successfully reorganizing, streamlining, and strengthening operations through the development of cross-functional teams. Leading a number of organizations, in addition to being a director on a number of professional boards, George has significant knowledge and experience in budgeting, governance, as well as the development and execution of strategic and marketing plans. More...

Serving the Food & Agri-business Sector

George Mitges and Associates Inc. (GMA) is a business consulting and strategic development firm, with decades of international experience helping public, private, and not-for-profit organizations improve their competitive advantage.

GMA's extensive expertise includes:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Positioning
  • Board Governance
  • Succession Planning
  • Operations (including manufacturing and logistics)
  • Business Development Strategy

Sector proficiency includes:

  • Agriculture and Agri-food
  • Manufacturing and Economic Development
  • Financial
  • Energy and Green Energy
  • Transportation

By taking a sound and comprehensive strategic approach, GMA helps you grow your business confidently and professionally.